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DURASURF : Fluorinated Coating

Quick-dry lubricants, high-performance greases and fluorinated coatings for Automotive components, electronics / sensitive devices, such as cameras, home appliances, AV equipment and OA equipment. Harves products bring benefits such as, smooth sliding, noise prevention, better movement feeling, conducting electricity, impregnation, water repelling, oil repelling, stain proofing and moisture proofing. 

DURASURF <fluorinated Coating>

Harves Durasurf, fluorinated conformal coating

DURASURF is high quality Fluorochemical conformal and protective coating with thin
film thickness, low viscosity, quick drying in ambient temp. and safe to use feature.
DURASURF protects electronic component from moisture, ion migration, and/or corrosion and gives water / oil repelling feature.

Link to DURASURF page at HARVES Co., Ltd.  

Flourinated conformal coating - KBK Europe GmbH HARVES Co., Ltd.

Flourinated conformal coating - KBK Europe GmbH Harves Co., Ltd.

Download DURASURF DP-500 series datasheet here.


Harves Dureasurf_PCB_Barrier to moisture_Prevent ion migration

Harves_Durasurf_Battery PCB aircraft_barrier to moisture_ion migration


Harves Durasurf_Smart Phone_FPC_Fluorinated coating

Harves Durasurf_stain proof_fluorinated coating_easy to clean