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Plastic and Textile Welding, jointing, sealing and cutting

Pioneer of plastic welding and cutting technology 

Plastic and/or textile welding / fusing / jointing / sealing and processing technology utilizes many different methods to achieve a desirable result.  

Ultrasonic vibration,  high-frequency energy, laser, electromagnetic induction, and vibration are just a few examples of the techniques used in thermoplastic welding and fusing.

Seidensha is a comprehensive manufacturer of welding / melting equipment for nearly all  methods and can solve issues related to plastics processing. Based on the vast knowledge accumulated in the long history, we select and provide the ideal method for each customer. 

Ultrasonic Welder
The ultrasonic welder is used for welding,  riveting, cutting, metal joining and sealing with frictional heat generated by ultrasonic  vibration. In addition to press type, unit to be integrated into automation system are available.  

SEIDENSHA Ultrasonic WelderSurgical mask

Ultrasonic Metal Welder   
The ultrasonic metal welder joints aluminum,   copper and nickel through solid phase joining technology.  Jointing different materials  is possible.  

SEIDENSHA Ultrasonic Metal Welder

Laser Diode Welding Machine
Laser diode welding system with built-in air cooled laser oscillator for thermoplastic and textile material.  

SEIDENSHA Laser Diode Welding Machine

Laser Diode Generator

Laser Diode Generator optimized for Welding Machine. Compact design, air-cooled and high efficiency. Good for building into custom system.  

SEIDENSHA Laser Diode Generatorsystem integration

CO2 Laser Machine   
CO2 Laser machine is used for cutting thermoplastic and textile material and scribing ceramic substrates.  

SEIDENSHA CO2 Laser Machine

Balloon Catheter Welder

Balloon Catheter Welder with Unique Patented technology. Very precise welding is  achieved by local heating technique.  

SEIDENSHA Balloon Catheter Welder

Electromagnetic Induction Welder
The electromagnetic induction welder is used for heating metal insert for insertion and/or heating metal plate to be used for heating workpiece to be jointed.  

SEIDENSHA Electromagnetic Induction Welder

High-frequency Welder

High frequency welder can be used for welding / cutting PVC films, leather and even olefin based materials.  

SEIDENSHA High-frequency Welder

Vibration Welder
Vibration Welder joints thermoplastic parts by frictional heat generated by vibrating one of the workpieces at high speed while pressurizing. Good for larger workpiece even with irregular shape.  

SEIDENSHA Vibration Welder

Impulse Sealer
Impulse Sealer is used for riveting thermoplastic stud. Stud is heated to melt by heating tip instantly at low voltage / high current. Precise riveting is possible.  

SEIDENSHA Impulse Sealer

OEM Parts, components and accessories

OEM parts, horn (sonotrode), components and accessories are available for integration into automation system and retrofit as well as for other brands system.  

SEIDENSHA OEM parts, horn, sonotronic,system integration

SEIDENSHA is a comprehensive manufacturer of welding, melting, jointing and cutting with various technology background not only in ultrasonic but also laser, high frequency, vibration etc...   


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