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Tokusen Probe Pin Needle / Spring Probe

Tokusen is a specialist in specialty metal wire production from ultra fine wire to steel cord for automotive tires.

Tokusen's spricalty metal wires have been used widely from Semi-conductor, electronics, medical to automotive industries. Probe Needle / Probe Pin for testing wafers in the semiconductor industry and Spring Probe for testing wafers / semi-conductoer package / circuit board are major application.

High Precision Probe Needle / Probe Pin

Tokusen supplies probe card pins with ultra high accuracy and consistent quality. Thanks to its integrated production process (drawing, straightening, heat treatment, machining and bending), Tokusen can satisfy any of your requirement.

Material : Tungsten, Palladium alloys

Cantilever probe pin

D (mm)                                        0.05 - 0.70
L1 (mm)                                       25 - 150
θ  (°)                                             2.0 - 20.0
L2 (mm)                                       0.5 - 8.0
d (mm)                                         0 - 0.05
Ni Plating length L3 (mm)        L3 = L1 - L2 - L4
Thickness of Ni (mm)                0.001 - 0.005

Vertical Probe pin

D (mm)                                        0.025 - 2.0
L (mm)                                         3 - 3,000
Edge property            Burr free, Round, Taper etc...
Surface treatment                Various plating

Extra Fine Spring wire for Spring Probe

Tokusen's super fine high strength spring probe wires are ideal for ultra fine pitch spring probe (test probe) application. Tokusen's extra fine wire exhibit the finest in diameter and the highest tensile strength in the market.

Material                         Music wire, stainless, Titianum, Nickel, Copper alloys

Wire Dia.           Min. Dia. 0.008mm
Tensile strength    Max. 4,800 mPa