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Toshiba SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery

What is SCiB™ ?

The Toshiba SCiB™ is a rechargeable battery with outstanding safety performance.

By using newly developed oxide-based materials, SCiB™ is designed to have a structure that holds high resistance towards thermal runaway resulting from short circuiting caused by physical stress .

Furthermore, SCiB™ has various superior characteristics, Including a long life exceeding 15,000 charge / discharge cycles, rapid charging time of 6 minutes, input / output current densities comparable with capacitors, and operational at temperatures as low as -30 ° C.

  • Rechargeable battery with high safety and long life
  • Rapid charging and low-temperature operational
  • Well proven in various fields

Six features
SCiB™ provides a long life of over 15,000 * charge / discharge cycles, rapid charging, high input / output power performance and excellent low-temperature operational, all while maintaining a high level of safety. 

1. Safety : uses highly safe lithium titanium oxide (LTO)
There is very low risk of fire or explosion from internal short circuit caused by external pressure.
therefore, SCiB™ is suitable for various applications requiring high levels of safety and reliability, such as automobiles, industrial equipment and stationary systems.

2. Long life : over 15,000 cycles *
Only a small degree of capacity degradation occurs even after more than 15,000 cycles * at charging and discharging currents of 3C.
SCiB™ has less impact on the environment because it requires low maintenance even when it is used in applications that perform frequent charging / discharging such as large-scale storage battery systems.
  * Measured by Toshiba using a 23Ah cell under specific conditions

3. Low-temperature-operation can be used at Temperatures as low as -30 ° C
SCiB™ exhibits low cycle-life degradation even when it is charged and discharged at -30°C. Thus, SCiB™ can be used for applications that require exposure to low temperatures, such as refrigerators or island applications in cold climate.

4. Rapid charging rechargeable in 6 minutes *
Frequent rapid charging does not cause significant deterioration in the SCiB™ performance. Thus, the use of SCiB™ allows automobiles, buses and other vehicles to be charged as quickly as refilling a gasoline car.

5. High input / output chargeable at high current and provides high current output
SCiB™ can be charged and discharged at high current rate. Thus, SCiB™ can store a large amount of regenerative energy in a short time as produced by a train or an automobile during braking and supply a large current to the motor during vehicle start-up / acceleration.

6. Wide effective SOC range ** : provides a large available capacity
SCiB™ exhibits stable input / output characteristics over a wide SOC* range, and can be charged to 100% and fully discharged to 0%.
This reduces the amount of batteries and space necessary for a system.


          * Measured with a particular single cell under specific conditions
  ** SOC: State of Charge