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Untact Touch Display (Contactless Touch Screen)


Untact Touch Display - Contactless Touch Screen -

Keep distance from touch screen!  The most hygienic interface screen, Untact Touch Display (Contactless Touch Screen) 

No need to touch the touchscreen anymore. Just point  the display with your finger.  The most hygienic interface, "Untact Touch Display" 

You do not need to worry about a contaminated screen.

Untact Touch Display - Contactless Touch Screen -
Untact Touch Display - Contactless Touch Screen -

Just point your finger or stylus close to the screen (within 5-25mm distance), the Untact Touch Display recognize the command and give LED light and sound haptic for acknowledgement. Visual haptic is also given at the screen with animation effect.


  • Display size : 21.5, 27, 32, 43 and 55 inch
  • OS Support : Windows XP/7/8/10 32/64bits, Linux, Android OS
  • Option : Water proof, Dust proof (IP54)
  • Operating ambient Temp.; 0-40 deg.C.
  • Input achieved by finger, gloved hand, artificial hand, stylus with min. 10mm dia.
  • Response Time : 5-25ms